Annual composting cycle



What is compost manure?

Compost manure is free fertiliser for the soil that is easy to make yourself with hardly any time and effort. You just make a big heap of natural waste products, then you leave them and it changes to rich, dark, fertile soil. Continue reading


Harvesting Groundnuts is hard work – or is it??!!!

It’s harvest time! The rains are finishing, the sun is warm, the skies are blue, and the harvest is being brought in. We praise God for His provision!

I’ve been receiving some compliments about my soil from helpers working with me to harvest the groundnuts. They tell me that usually harvesting groundnuts is usually hard work – the sun is hot so the soil is hard and dry. If you pull the groundnut plant, the leaves come without the groundnuts. You have to use a hoe to dig a lot to find the nuts.

However, they tell me that it’s much easier to harvest groundnuts on my farm because the soil is soft. On my farm, all you have to do is pull the leaves and the plant comes up, or you give it a little nudge with a small spade and everything comes up with very little effort. Continue reading

Smash and flick – a quick way to shell groundnuts

It’s harvest time! It’s always great to bring in food from the fields and to see it drying in the sun. Many hours get spent shelling groundnuts! I had been doing it one at a time until one of our helpers, Iliya Godwin IK, showed me this great trick to get through them lots faster! This is how they do it in his area, Takum, Taraba State. Continue reading