Local laundry basket

I’m loving my new laundry basket!

It was made by a student here at TCNN called Ezra. Continue reading


Eco in the office



I’m loving my new eco pencil holder.  Homemade from a curved piece of tree bark which holds my pencils (haven’t used pens for years now, preferring pencils as the stub and shavings can be composted unlike a finished pen).  It also fits a rubber, a metal sharpener and a half coconut for the pencil shavings.  Stylish, practical, eco friendly, home made, natural, compostable, whats not to love!!



Storing tomatoes in ash

I don’t use a fridge here in Nigeria and I have had to learn lots of fascinating ways to keep food, particularly vegetables, so that I don’t have to go shopping too often.  I manage with most things, but keeping tomatoes fresh has always been the biggest challenge.  So I was fascinated to read an article online about a farmer in Burundi who had the same problem, but solved it! Continue reading