Horned melon

Horned melon, spikey melon, abincin kaza fruit, whatever you call it, this fruit is great!

Sometimes people think it is only food for sick people, but as the saying goes:

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”

We can all eat this healthy nutritions fruit as part of a balanced diet to prevent sickness. Continue reading


Smash and flick – a quick way to shell groundnuts

It’s harvest time! It’s always great to bring in food from the fields and to see it drying in the sun. Many hours get spent shelling groundnuts! I had been doing it one at a time until one of our helpers, Iliya Godwin IK, showed me this great trick to get through them lots faster! This is how they do it in his area, Takum, Taraba State. Continue reading