Storing tomatoes in ash

I don’t use a fridge here in Nigeria and I have had to learn lots of fascinating ways to keep food, particularly vegetables, so that I don’t have to go shopping too often.  I manage with most things, but keeping tomatoes fresh has always been the biggest challenge.  So I was fascinated to read an article online about a farmer in Burundi who had the same problem, but solved it! Continue reading


Hugelkultur berm

At the back of our garden is a high rocky area. It makes a great back wall – beautiful, fun to climb, and a sanctuary for lots of birds, geckos and plants. When it rains, the water rushes off these rocks and erodes a lot of soil from the gently sloping field at the foot.

One technique that is used to prevent erosion is digging swales and building berms – that is, digging a ditch and piling the mud next to it on the downhill side. Continue reading