Eating wild and wonderful weeds

Foraging, free food, wild food – it’s all the rage in Europe these days, and the Nortons are doing it here in Nigeria too! Here are some of the wild and wonderful weeds that we are eating for free and some of the recipes we use for them.  These grow all around the place in the rainy season, but you can transplant them for the dry season and water them with greywater (used water from washing dishes, rinsing clothes, bathwater etc).  Remember to fence them though so any wandering goats don’t devour your dinner!  We praise God for this free, nutritious food that He has blessed us with here in Nigeria.

   Latin name: Amaranthus lividus

Wild Aleyhu

   Latin name: Bidens pilosa

Hausa name: Ganye Berom

  Latin name: Centella Asiatica

Hausa name: Kuneen Beera (Rats ears – yeah, I know, that does not sound delicious – but these are!)

These leaves are being imported from India as dried tea under the name Guta Kola because they are so good for you.  But you can grow your own for free!!

   Latin name: Cleome monophylla
   Latin name: Portulaca Oleracea
   Latin name: Emilia fosbergii


These pretty plants are good for your teeth!

   Latin name: Galinsoga quadriradiata


   Latin name: Guizotia

Hausa name: Habanacha

   Latin name: Crassocephalum crepidioides





Tasty greens
Chop and fry an onion. Add  chopped mixed edible weeds and some water or stock. Cook until the greens are soft. Add whatever salt, pepper, pepe, spices to taste.

Green burgers
Prepare greens as above, but strain off the liquid after cooking. In a mixing bowl put some flour and/or breadcrumbs (eg 1/2 cup) and 1 egg. Mix well with the greens. Form into burgers and fry in hot oil for a few minutes on each side.

Green omlette
Prepare tasty greens as above. Crack c6 eggs in a separate bowl and whisk them well. Pour over the cooked greens, cook until the eggs are set, finishing it under the grill if necessary.


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