Local laundry basket

I’m loving my new laundry basket!

It was made by a student here at TCNN called Ezra. Recently when our neighbours had a party, they invited Ezra to come and demonstrate basket making and we all had a go.

I’ve been enjoying using the basket Ezra made for me that day for my carrots, so when my plastic laundry basket started breaking, I asked Ezra if he could make me a large one for laundry. It’s beautiful!

It fits the space in my kitchen perfectly, as requested. It’s strong, and if it does happen to break in years down the road, at least it can be composted or used for firewood – unlike the old plastic one which I’m now left with.


If you’d like a basket of any size, call Ezra here at TCNN on 070 69 47 21 60 to get some strong quality work and also help Ezra pay his way through Bible college.


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