Bush is best – again! Cleaning saucepans and cooker top

I’m always saying here “Bush is Best” – meaning many traditional (bush) ways are better for us, better for the environment, better for the soil, better for our health, better for our bodies……….

Here’s a new Bush is Best – better for our cookers and saucepans!!

Normally people use plastic scrubbers for saucepans and stove tops but for me that’s a big no-no as I’m trying to avoid any plastic in the house. So I was using steel wool/metal sponges. However, I was finding that they were breaking up as they got tired and I’d find bits of metal in the sink, the saucepans and worse, even in our food sometimes. So I gave up on them and had no solution – until today! My househelp decided to scrub a saucepan and the gas stovetop using gravelly sand from outside and some ash from the fireplace – look how clean it turned out! She had already taught me how to do this for a kettle that was used on a bonfire, (see https://nortonsnews.wordpress.com/2015/12/07/cleaning-fire-blackened-pans/ ) but this was the first time it was done indoors. I’m so pleased with the results – the cooker and saucepan are clean, the environment is not damaged, no strong soil-and-water-polluting chemicals were used.


Bush is Best…………….


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