Sourdough muesli

Before making this recipe, make your new starter for next time as follows:

Remove any crust from the top of the starter. Stir down the starter. Remove ¾ cup of starter and put in a mixing bowl. Add 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour and ¾ cup water to the bowl and mix well. This will be your new starter so put it in a quart wide-mouth jar and cover with cloth as before.  You will have 1 cup of starter remaining to use in the recipe below.


Ingredients for sourdough muesli:

6 c oats

1 c starter  

1/2 c oil

1/2 c honey


Mix ingredients and leave to ferment overnight.

Soak 3/4 c seeds in water overnight, drain and add to the muesli.

Bake until dry.

Add dried bananas, dates, coconut as required.


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