Sourdough Dough pitta bread

This is a really fun recipe I learnt from Rachelle Wenger.

Before making this recipe, make your new starter for next time as follows:

Remove any crust from the top of the starter. Stir down the starter. Remove ¾ cup of starter and put in a mixing bowl. Add 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour and ¾ cup water to the bowl and mix well. This will be your new starter so put it in a quart wide-mouth jar and cover with cloth as before.  You will have 1 cup of starter remaining to use in the recipe below.


You’ll need

-2 1/2 cups wholewheat flour

-just under 1/4 sourdough starter.

Mix them with just over 1 cup of water and let it rise for say 4 hours.


Then add some honey and salt.  Roll the dough and cut it out thinly – I do them the size of a saucer and it makes around 10 pitta breads.  Dry fry them in  a frying pan for about one minute until there’s just a hint of bubbles growing.  The put the pitta bread directly on the gas flame.  It will puff up like a balloon, it’s great fun to watch!  If if it doesn’t puff up fairly quickly, or only half of it puffs, flip it over on the flame so it doesn’t burn.  If it still doesn’t puff, you may not have fried it for long enough on the pan.


Wrap them in a tea towel to keep them warm while you cook the others.

To serve, cut them in half and stuff them with whatever you fancy, eg beans, cheese, vegetables, salad etc.


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