Beautiful traditional food covers

Since I learnt that most food should be stored with some airflow rather than airtight, one challenge I have storing food without a fridge is keeping the fruit flies off. Recently I had the privilege to visit a Fulani lady in her amazing, handbuilt but sturdy home, and I learnt this great tip from her:

When I arrived in this house there were some pretty round mats on the wall that are nice for decoration. If I was to use them, I used them for hot saucepans to prevent them making a mark on the table.


But the Fulani lady I visited was using them to cover food in her food dishes! Such a simple thing, but it’s made a big difference to me in the kitchen.

img_9885        img_9886

Beautiful local covers protecting my rising bread dough from flies (left) and covering food leftovers (right).

This tip has been so useful that I have no more covers on the walls anymore, they are all in daily use!!


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