Chickens weeding

Who likes weeding?  Not me!  But my chickens love it.

See the weeds in my maize:




and after my chickens have been through:



Hooray!  They live in this moveable chicken coop:


It’s exactly the width of my rows of maize so fits neatly in between.  I move them on every day or two to a new patch to weed.  There is a little house at one end where they can sleep and lay eggs.  There are handles at this end to move it and small wheels on the far end, it’s not heavy and really easy to move.


I usually feed my chickens fermented grains but had to stop feeding it to my maize weeders as any uneaten pieces were growing faster than the weeds!  So they just get scraps, chicken food and fish stock now.


Over time I hope to work out what is their rate of weeding vs the rate that the weeds grow back to see if maybe I even need another coop to keep on top of the weeds in the field.  But in the meantime I am very happy with their work:

  1. They uproot the weeds
  2. They eat bugs
  3. They add chicken manure
  4. They lay eggs.

Not bad!!


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