Cleaning Beeswax for use

After my recent post about a moisturising bar (see link below)  I was asked if I found wax here in Jos.  I’m happy to say I did!  A neighbour of mine sells honey and since she strains it herself, she was able to provide me with some wax.  Here is how I cleaned it:


 IMG_8406-Optimized This is what it looked like before rendering.  Brown, crumbly, sweet smelling, and full of bees!

 First thing to do is to melt the wax.  You can’t do it directly over the heat, so you put the pan with the wax into a second pan that has some boiling water in it.  


 Leave it on the heat until the wax has all melted – mine took over an hour to do. 


 Then strain it through a cloth into a container (use items you don’t want to use again as its very messy!).  The bees and any other stones/dirt will be caught in the cloth.  The honey and melted wax will pass through the cloth into the container.


 Leave to cool (I did it indoors in case some bees were attracted to it, and I also covered it with a cloth to prevent dirt or insects falling in.)


 The wax will harden and rise to the top and the honey will remain liquid underneath.  Pick off the wax and rinse it under the tap before use.  Mine had a brown layer on the bottom which I just scraped off.


NOTE: I poured my wax into a wide tin, so the resulting layer of wax was wide but thin. This meant that most of it was the dirty brown layer! So I re-melted the wax (it just took a few minutes this time) and poured it into the bottom half of a plastic bottle. When it hardened, I was able to cut off the plastic around the wax to remove it. So I learnt that next time I should strain the wax into a tall thin container to give a thick piece of wax.

This amount of wax is enough to make about 4 quarter cup sized moisturising bars using the recipe I posted before at:


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