Handy harmattan beating moisturising bars!!

This dry harmattan weather has been drying out my hands so badly! I’ve been trying lots of oils, shea butter, palm kernel oil etc, but the best thing I’ve found so far has been this recipe for a moisturising bar. It sounded a bit weird to me, but I was so desperate that I gave it a go, and it works brilliantly!

Melt equal parts of


shea butter

coconut oil

Start with the beeswax as it will take the longest to melt. When they are all melted and mixed, pour into a mould. Remove when hard. To use, just rub it on your dry skin.

It is oily but not so oily as just using oil, so it absorbs better, and I’m finding it works much better too. It only takes a few minutes to make. I used a small measuring cup as my mould so it would be easy to get out. As it was my first time I used about a teaspoon of each which just made a small bar, but I’d do it bigger next time since it worked so well!

I happened to have some beeswax with me but I’m sure its possible to get it locally since there is so much local honey around. Shea butter is called man kadé in Hausa and is easy to buy in the market, just ask around. Its sold in a small bucket but usually hidden away out of the sun so you might not spot it without asking. Coconut oil is available via Open Doors or in Onigbinde. But you could use any oil, and you can use cocoa butter instead of shea butter – let me know if you know where to find it as I don’t!

Here is where I saw the original recipe:

Super Easy Hard Lotion Bar Recipe


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