What’s for breakfast?

Usually on weekdays we eat acha porridge for a quick, easy, nutritious breakfast.

(See recipe here https://nortonsnews.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/acha-porridge/)

My husband and I both like it, but our daughter doesn’t love it. So, during our recent half term, we decided to do a breakfast project to see what other breakfast ideas we could come up with. We asked friends and family in person and on Facebook, and this is the list we came up with – 12 ideas, not bad! They fell into 3 main categories – porridges (or puddings as they are called here), eggs and baked grains


French toast

Sourdough pancakes (recipe here https://nortonsnews.wordpress.com/2015/04/25/sourdough-pancakes/)

Fried eggs and fried bread

Omlette with Fulani cheese and fried bread


Cornmeal with peanut butter

Power porridge (guinea corn, maize, rice and roasted peanuts)

Jills porridge (tamba, rice, acha and guinea corn – with optional soya bean and groundnuts)

Millet porridge

Sorghum porridge

Baked Grains

Grape Nuts


Sundried muesli (see recipe here https://nortonsnews.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/sundried-muesli/)


-Over half term we tried out all these recipes and came up with our favourites and a weekly routine for using them.

Mon, Thurs and Fri – Nortons porridge (see recipe here https://nortonsnews.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/nortons-porridge/)

Tue – omlette with cheese, served with toast.

Wed – French toast.

Saturday – sourdough pancakes.

Sunday – muesli or grape nut – breakfast in bed served by Lowenna!

This is not random but ties in with other activities – Monday is when we buy Fulani cheese and eggs so it makes sense to use them, especially the cheese, sooner rather than later as we have no fridge. Saturday we are off work/school so have the time to make pancakes. Sunday we go to church at 9 so a quick breakfast of muesli is handy.

-to avoid eating just wheat, I’ve been experimenting with other grains in bread for a breakfast loaf that can be fried or toasted to eat with fried eggs, or used to make French toast. I bake it on Monday along with my usual sourdough loaves that we eat for tea.

-What is Norton Porridge! Good question! We have been experimenting with different combinations of grain flours to come up with a recipe we all like. See here for details.


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