Nortons Porridge

We had a porridge party!!

Our acha porridge for breakfast on weekday mornings was quick, easy and nutritious

(see recipe here

and although Russell and I enjoyed it, Lowenna didn’t. So, on our recent half term, we had a porridge party!

First we gathered our 8 ground grain flours

maize, rice, germinated rice, guinea corn, tamba, soya, peanut and kuli kuli.

We cooked a tablespoon of each of them mixed with a little water, and tasted them. It sounds like a lot of work but with 4 gas rings and 4 saucepans on the go, it just took 2 sessions to cover them all.


very nice, smooth and flavoursome

Not so nutritious

Germinated rice

tastes nice and sweet at first, but then becomes very bitter

Germinated rice is available in the market. When ground it is used in kunu drinks – in fact, it does not thicken in a porridge but stays runny. I tried cooking it to eat instead of normal rice but I haven’t yet found a way to make it soft and tasty.


Tastes ok, but needs flavour added

Not very nutritious


Tastes good, but rice is nicer. Has a dark brown colour to add to a porridge.

Good and nutritious


We didn’t like this on its own, we thought the texture was a bit funny. However, later when we mixed it with other grains, it was delicious!

Tamba is one of the most nutritious grains in the world! Even though we didn’t like it on its own, we were keen to incorporate it into mixes to benefit from it.


We didn’t like the taste and texture of this so much


Tasted ok, but didn’t thicken into a porridge texture

Kuli kuli

Tasted nice, but also didn’t thicken.

This is the residue left after pressing peanuts for oil. We suspect our kuli kuli had some chilli mixed in with it!

Step 2 was to create some blends! We tried maize and germinated rice (ugh!), rice and kuli kuli (nice!) but here were our favourites:

1) rice and kuli kuli

2) tamba and kuli kuli

3) maize and kuli kuli

Hmm, spot the pattern, can it be that anything with kuli kuli is just yummy! Our favourite was tamba and kuli kuli, thats also the most nutritious. However, it didn’t fill us! So the next step is to work out a good porridge that will get us through to lunch time.

We tried adding it with rice, or acha or maize etc but our favourite, and the winner of our Nortons breakfast porridge competition is:



Equal parts ground tamba, ground guinea corn and kuli kuli (eg 1/3 c of each to serve 3 people.)

3 cups water per cup of grain.

1 T buttermilk/yoghurt/whey/sauerkraut juice

-Mix ingredients in a saucepan12-24 hours before serving.

-At breakfast time bring slowly to the boil and mix a lot to prevent sticking for about 5 minutes until it thickens to the desired porridge texture.

-Serving suggestion – banana and buttermilk.


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