Life can get pretty busy around our house and garden – homeschool to do, eggs to collect, sheep to milk, plants to nurture, meals to prepare, bread to bake………….These are all blessings but sometimes its nice to stop and enjoy the beauty in them. It’s no good having all these wonderful things around us if we are too busy to see and relish them! This evening we enjoyed……………

Taking the time to pull a new bench into our kitchen garden, sitting on it to admire the birds.


We even saw a pretty dove come to drink in our new tiny pond!


Our animals grazing in the sunset


The variety of shape and colour in eggs laid by our chickens


Beautiful wild flowers and grasses


Freedom to run and climb in a beautiful setting


Our family


The sunset seen from the top of the rocks.


We thank God for these blessings, as every good gift comes from Him. It was lovely to take time to enjoy them this evening!


2 thoughts on “Pausing

  1. You all look amazing! But where are the cats?? I love the bench it looks very new, keep sitting on it and the new look will wear away.
    We don’t have any beautiful pictures to put up yet but perhaps we will have soon. Life is busy in this part of the world. Half term starts this coming week-end. Jasmin and Holly are going to a weekend in Bangor to Autumn Soul. Tim and I have a weekend at home together – I’m so excited! Well, we will have Gigi and Merlin and they can be quite demanding but at least they won’t be asking us for lifts here and there.
    I will be in touch soon and bring you up to date with what is going on in our worlds.
    Love to you all


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