“Create no Waste” shopping

Have you ever noticed how much plastic  you immediately throw in the bin when you come home from the market? Leda bags that tear, packaging on biscuits, coke bottles etc.  It is actually pretty easy to do  most of your shopping without creating any waste – just like it was in the old days before plastic!  All it takes is a bit of thought before you shop, and some containers that you bring with you to the market.

Basket/re-usable carrier bag

These are good for carrying vegetables, fruit, and other large items.

Small cloth bags

Easy to sew yourself, or get a tailor to make some for you.  A piece of cloth cut to size, sewn on 3 size, with an optional drawstring at the top.  Useful fordried goods (beans,dates, peanuts, sugar, flour) small veg  (tomatoes, green beans, peppers).

Plastic re-usable boxes 

Useful for meat, stock bones, eggs.

Glass jars

Useful for oils (groundnut, palm, palm kernel etc)

No waste 03


Recently I’ve gotten into  a helpful habit – when I’ve finished writing my shopping list, I then make a note of which bags/boxes I need to carry these items home.  Then I add in a few extra small cloth bags so that I have some spare in case of extra purchases.


Since I’ve been shopping like this I’ve noticed that most junk food comes in packaging so when you avoid packaging, you automatically avoid junk food too!   Also, restricting yourself to avoiding packaging can help save you money as it avoids spontaneous purchases.

You do have to remember to bring your bags when you shop, though!  Some people keep them in their car or handbag.

Soon it becomes a habit –  a good habit!!


3 thoughts on ““Create no Waste” shopping

  1. I was just thinking, what do you think can be used as an alternative means for packaging polythene sachet water, knowing that, it is what a below average man in Nigeria can afford? Though I was thinking we can research on a better way to recycle the polythene pack, it is still clumsy. We can together try and figure out what we can help with this.


    • Hi Shade, this is a good question! The plastic bags of water cost 5 Naira so you are right – they are a quick and easy option for someone who has just a small amount of money available. However, if they buy one bag of water every day, that totals 1825 Naira over a year (365×5). A bottle of water costs 100 Naira and if you buy it once and re-fill it from home every day – it still only costs 100 Naira – a saving of 1725 Naira! Its a new habit to develop to think ahead and fill your bottle – but as the sums show – its worth it!


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