Its easy being green……………… Germany






Often I write about our responsibility as individuals to care for the environment and the steps we can take on a personal level.  There are of course, challenges with this, like how to do something that no-one else is doing, and also how to stand up to the crowd and do something different.


However, in some places it is easy being green!


IMG_6746 IMG_6837   IMG_6772

When you go shopping it is so easy to avoid plastic packaging.   Milk and yoghurt come in glass bottles, bread from bakeries is packed in paper (or you can use your own basket/cloth bag) and fruit is delivered in wooden crates and packed in card punnets.


IMG_6765   IMG_6768


You can see that this rubbish bin has 4 holes to receive different types of rubbish – paper, packaging, glass and everything else.  You put your rubbish in the correct hole and it is taken away for recycling.  The glass jars for yoghurt and milk can be brought back to the supermarket where you are given some money back for returning them for re-use.


Everyone shops with their own re-usable basket…………saving lots of plastic bags.



IMG_6757   IMG_6758


Many people cycle, and there are regular trains, buses and trams so it is easy to take public transport.  Tourists are issued with these red visitors card which entitles them to free travel on the transport.  And if you want a car, tourists and locals can rent an electric car for the time that you need it (the car pictured above is charging, not adding petrol).  When you’ve finished your trip, you just park it where is convenient to you, and the next user finds it (using their smartphone) and can pick it up.


Being green is easier when everyone around you is doing it and it is the culturally acceptable thing to do.  But someone had to start before it became the norm!  So if we persevere caring for the environment, others will catch on eventually.


2 thoughts on “Its easy being green……………… Germany

    • Thanks for taking a look at the blog, Pembi! These cars are great, aren’t they! But until they reach Nigeria, it is very eco-friendly and green to use public transport. When everyone goes by car, lots of petrol is used. But when everyone shares a bus or KK, the petrol is saved. And your public transport here is good! (These are the 2 main reasons that we don’t have a car!)


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