Tweaking my kitchen set up

I always say that I don’t like cooking, I just like eating, so I have to cook to eat!  But I changed my tune recently when my daughter was always STARVING (must have been a growth spurt) and she would come to me for snacks so apologetically, miserable with herself that she was hungry and causing me to get to work in the kitchen.  I felt so bad that she felt so bad, so I thought about how to change things a bit.


First I wrote a list of what I LOVE about working in my kitchen:

-Having homecooked food

-Eating healthily

-Learning new dishes

-Eating new dishes!

-Cuddles from my family while I work!

-Help with washing up

-Appreciative eaters!



Then I turned the page and listed what I HATE!!

-People asking me questions that I have to think about when my brain is already thinking about the dinner

-People pacing up and down the kitchen

-Being alone in the kitchen

-Washing up

-Being under time pressure

-Washing up (did I mention that already?!!)

-My back gets tired with all the standing


I was impressed at how many things I love about working in the kitchen!  When I’m tired and sore I just notice the negatives……………….!

So here’s what I did to deal with some of the negatives and turn them into positives:

-I moved an armchair with a colourful cushion into the kitchen so that when people come and chat, they can sit comfortably…….this is win win because it means I get company, and secondly it means they don’t pace!

-I remembered spotting a high bar stool at a friends house so I borrowed it for  a while to see if it would work for me to sit on it for chopping and frying.  It did!  So I got it copied and its helped a lot.

-3 meals, 3 family members, so we took a meal each to wash up.  But still there can be a lot if I am baking/cooking, so before I start, I fill a bowl with soapy water to wash up as I go along.


So, life in my kitchen is going much better now!!






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