My rain gardens in action

Here is one of my 2 rain gardens at the front of the house, dug to re-direct rain water from eroding the slope further down on our drive way.



I put in some plants this week!




Some aloe vera…….




This purple leafed plant grows a lot in the garden, its called Purple Heart, or Selecreasa purpurea.


Lots of these pretty flowers too, so I transplanted one or two,


This is some papyrus  “cyperus” I spotted straying out of another flower bed…………


This is a type of Caladium,  I love the bright pink and white patterns on the leaves.


This is from the alium family.  It has  a large bulb and they grow everywhere so seem pretty sturdy…..


This is a “Goethe plant”, bryophyllum pinnatum, it’s sturdy (can even grow out of cracks in walls!) and spreads easily.


So, my big question was, how would these plants fare in the rain?  We had 3 big rains yesterday and both raingardens filled pretty full each time, covering the plants in about 5 inches of water.  After about 15 minutes the water drained away.



All the plants were fine!  A bit damp, but not washed away or knocked over.  I’ll keep watching the rain gardens through some more storms to see if they are the right size.  And hopefully with all that water and a bit of sunshine, the plants will grow and make beautiful gardens too.




Of course the most important thing is that the storm water did not rush down the slope in the drive eroding it, and also the water seeped slowly down to the water table instead of rushing away.


Photos of the mature gardens to follow in a few months!!




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