Live fencing

We have so many stray goats, sheep, turkeys, dogs, children…………..coming through our garden that it is very difficult to protect and harvest anything that grows here.  We got a wooden fence built around an area to grow vegetables, but it is not termite proof so will be eaten before too many years pass.  So, I want to experiment with live fence species that will be grown by the time the fence dies.  Here is a document with some research I did on the different types available here that I could find already – there may be more!

Live fencing


One thought on “Live fencing

  1. Hi Katharine,
    I hope you are having fun living in my country? Most animals are untethered except when they are about to be sold. I suggest you build a brick fence or at least something solid to keep the animals at bay. In addition to the fence, you wouldn’t go wrong with a Livestock Guardian dog. I plan to get one when the time comes for my farm- a Komondor should do for me.


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