Vegetable garden

I am very excited about our new vegetable garden!  It has a high fence to keep out the many sheep, goats, turkeys etc that wander through our garden each day munching anything and everything we try to grow.  It measures 9 metres by 6 metres and inside I divided it into 10 2-metre by 1-metre plots.  These plots are the same size as my moveable chicken coop so  I can get my chickens scratching and manuring each plot (and yes, the door is big enough to get the chicken coop in!)  The beds in the middle are for growing annual veg in rotation, and around the edge I’ll grow perennials and get trees started off until they are strong enough to transplant.  Just need some rain now!  (PS, since taking the photo I have covered each plot with straw so that when the rain does fall, it falls gently on my precious manured soil, and doesn’t wash it away!)




OK so everyone says it looks like a graveyard now, but when its bursting with vegetables it’ll look great!!


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