Buttermilk recipes

Buttermilk is called “nono” in Hausa and is available from Fulani women who sell it in the market from large white plastic buckets. They scoop it out by the mudu (a large cup measure) and serve it with a crumbly sweet potato and millet topping, sweetened with sugar.

I buy it once a week and have her pour 6 cupfuls into 2 large containers, which costs 1200 N (200 per cup) and this lasts us for the week. Since I have no fridge, I store it in buckets of water to keep it cool. Just put the container with buttermilk into the bucket and fill up with water until you see the container start to float a little. Reduce the water as you remove the buttermilk or the container may tip over into the water.

So what to use it for?

-drink it straight or sweetened for a nutritious and delicious drink

-make smoothies – mash a banana, add some honey, cinnamon and a cup of buttermilk

-use it in bread and pancakes

-pour it on acha porridge in the mornings

-drizzle it over pancakes

-use it to make Bicher muesli  or sun dried muesli

Note: Fulani products are raw so use your own discretion! I have met a number of people who have used them raw for decades which encouraged me to use them raw too. If you decide not to, at least you can use it for bread and pancakes!


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