Vegetable seed varieties

I found an old library book (Practical West African Cooking) published in 1908 which lists some varieties of vegetables that are meant to grow particularly well here in Nigeria, according to the Fathers of the Mission Africane de Lyon. I’ve hunted online a bit but not really had much success finding these varieties but would be interested to if anyone else can find them!

Tomatoes – Mikado, Peach Bloom, Golden Nugget

Cucumbers – Vert de Paris Dwarf Beans – Petts Noirs d’Alger

Aubergine/eggplant – Monstreuse de New York

Lettuce – Grosse Blonde Paresseuse

Sweet Pepper – Piments Doux d’Espagne

Cabbage 0 Chou Nantais, Jouannet

Beetroot – Covent Garden Carrots – Demi Longues de Lucques

Turnips – Marteau


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