Fermented Salads – an introduction

Fermented Salads – WOW! How come I never heard of these until this year? I have been missing out! There are so many good reasons why these are amazing:

-They taste SO good

-They are full of enzymes and bursting with health

-Having salads ready in jars makes for such a quick and easy meal. Just grab your bread and jars, no chopping required for a healthy and quick lunch or tea.

-You can do all your salad prep for the week in one sitting by fermenting it in jars

-If you have no fridge, fermenting your veg is a great way of preserving them.

Even if you think “ I hate sauerkraut” it is worth trying these, as I don’t love sauerkraut but I do like these, even the cabbage recipe.

You can use table salt but sea salt is available here in the supermarkets and is full of minerals so is a tasty and healthy option.  You can also use local mineral salt which is full of nutrients too.

We have no fridge so we just store these on a dark shelf while they ferment. Once they are open we use them up in a day or two. Sometimes a white mould grows on the top, just scrape it off and eat the rest. These will smell great so you can tell by the smell if they are ok to eat. I was nervous starting these salads but was encouraged to read somewhere that if they are bad they will smell so bad that nothing on earth would induce you to eat them!

These are not pressure canned (although they could be, but that kills the enzymes) so decide for yourself if this is something you are happy eating. Make sure your jars and utensils are really clean before use.



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