Cream Cheese and Whey

Cream cheese makes a delicious spread or dip.  Whey is a nutritious protein filled liquid separated from yoghurt or buttermilk by straining (as in Little Miss Muffet/sat on her tuffet/ eating her curds and whey).  It makes a refreshing, nutritious drink either neat or diluted with water to taste.

You will need

-a bowl,

-a sieve that fits in the bowl

-a thin cloth eg cheesecloth/teatowel

-some yoghurt or buttermilk (from the Fulani or homemade using milk powder)

-a plate or lid to cover.


Place the sieve on the bowl and line the sieve with the cloth.  Pour the yoghurt/buttermilk into the cloth and cover with the lid/plate.  Leave out of direct sunlight for anything from 6 hours to overnight – the longer you leave it the more whey will strain out and the thicker the yoghurt/buttermilk will become.

Use the whey for drinks or fermented salads.  Store in a jar for 1 day.

Add garlic and herbs to the cream cheese to use as a spread or dip.  Store in a box in a bucket of cold water for 2 days.

Alternatively you can put the cheese in the bottom of a jar (shaped into balls if you like) and cover them with olive oil.  This will keep for ages.


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