Faith and Farming pdf resources

Here are a number of resources relating the Bible to farming that I have written over the last few years.

Feel free to use them, I hope they will be helpful!


  1. Faith and Farming Bible Study notes  This is a set of 12 Bible studies based on Genesis for farmers.

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The gift of fallen leaves

Everyone loves a free gift.  You’d never say “no thanks” and go out and burn a gift?  Well, that’s what happens with fallen leaves every day!  Fallen leaves are one of the most generous gifts God gives us, yet we just burn them.  Here are some other suggestions for using them. Continue reading

What to about weeds when you don’t use herbicides

I often get asked what to do about weeds when I won’t use herbicides to kill them off.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Identify them.                                                                                                                                                                         Do you know what is each and every plant that you are pulling out?  Weeds are strong and resilient, wouldn’t it be great if some of them were food crops?  Well, many of them are!  Ask your older farmers who may remember traditional uses for them.  Or, photograph them and post the pics on the Facebook page Flora of Tropical Africa where members will identify them for you.  Then you can google and find out uses for them.  See here for some gems I’ve found growing wild on my farm:

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Saving Soil

It seems to me that the most important thing on a farm is the soil – without it, it’s pretty difficult to grow anything!  That’s why these first few years farming, I have been working on growing and protecting my soil.  These are the simple steps I’ve had in mind:

DON’T burn the soil

DON’T dig the soil

DON’T march/walk on the soil

DO keep the soil covered at all times. Continue reading